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Help Keep Our Dog Park Clean for Everyone

Reminder to please pick up after your pet at the Dog Park and in our community. At the Dog Park, we provide bags and trash containers for your convenience.  We clean up the Dog Park trash on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  To report an issue, please call ODR at 717-245-4048.

Importance of keeping our community clean.

Why is it important to Scoop that Poop?

Disease Control: A number of common diseases can be transmitted to other dogs (and even people) through contaminated feces. Some of these diseases include Giardia, E. Coli, Salmonella, and Roundworms, which can all be contracted by humans. In addition, your dog can catch parvovirus by coming into contact with poop.

Contaminating Waterways: Storm water carries pet waste and other pollutants directly into waterways leading to excess nitrogen being added to the water. Too much nitrogen depletes the oxygen in water necessary for wildlife, beneficial underwater grasses, and fish. Once this excess nitrogen reaches our oceans means increased levels of bacteria which can harm marine life and be the catalyst for harmful algae blooms, more commonly known as red tides.

Dirty Shoes: No one likes to step in dog poop and spread it into their home, car and business. Stepping in dog poop always puts a damper on your day. It makes people believe they are having a bad day when it’s really the fault of the pet owner that left the poop in a public place. Not picking up your dog’s poop in a public place is rude and inconsiderate for your community. You don’t want to step in dog poop so scoop your dog’s poop so nobody else has the chance of stepping in it.

Bugs & Parasites: Dog poop left in public places attracts flies and other parasites to the area. This aids in the spread of parasites to other pets and sometimes even humans. Parasites like roundworms and hookworms are transmitted through poop and can live in soil for long periods of time. Other animals are likely to have parasites transmitted to them through the soil they walk on. When a dog’s poop is excreted, out with it will be both parasites and parasitic eggs.  Some of the parasite eggs are highly resistant to hot and cold temperatures, and parasites can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day. Prevent the spread of parasites by grabbing a poop bag and disposing of your dog’s poop.

Rat Population: Rodents, especially rats, love to chow down on dog poop. In urban areas, it’s often their main meal. So, a reason for a rat problem in your neighborhood could be due to an excess of dog poop in the area. And don’t expect things to get better on their own, because these critters will move in and start families… as long as there’s plenty of food available, they’re not going anywhere. The problem won’t get better until pet owners start picking up after their pets. Getting rid of rats is simple as long as you take a poop bag on your walks and pick up after your pet.

Odor: Public areas – failing to clean up after your dog limits the ability of others to enjoy the area. In addition to cleanliness issues, failing to clean up after your dog can also lead to unpleasant odors – it can also attract flies and other pests to the area. During the day in the heat, the odor of the poop left behind grows stronger. Keep our dog park and public places clean and odor-free by grabbing a poop bag and scoop up your dog’s poop.

Be responsible and take care of our community and dog park. We want everyone to enjoy their time with their dogs. Dogs give us so much love and attention. Please take a few moments to clean up after your pet, so everyone can have a positive experience, when interacting with our pets in the community.

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