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Why 1757?

The French and Indian War, an extension of the Seven Years’ War in Europe, pitted Great Britain against France for control of the interior of North America. France had established fortified posts in the Ohio Valley and along with their Native American allies, threatened English settlements in Pennsylvania. Colonel John Stanwix, later Lieutenant General, was Colonel Commandant of the 1st Battalion, 62nd (later renumbered 60th) or Royal American Regiment. He arrived at Carlisle on May 30, 1757. His mission was to prepare for an expedition to counter the French presence in the Ohio Valley, and eventually, to move against the French Fort Duquesne (what is now Pittsburgh). Stanwix’s force consisted of his own 60th Regiment, along with provincial troops from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Stanwix acquired supplies and fortified his position at Carlisle throughout the summer of 1757. A year later, Brigadier John Forbes led the attack against the Fort Duquesne, departing from Carlisle in the spring of 1758. The expedition cut roads and built reinforcing fortifications as they moved west, while relying on the larger cities and farms to the east for supplies and men. Carlisle and the road built by Stanwix and Forbes quickly became a gateway to the western frontier.