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Trick-or-Treat at Carlisle Barracks

Note: This event has already passed.

Refer to guidelines for trick-or-treaters and candy providers.

Carlisle Barracks Trick-or-Treat 2020


Guidelines for parents and trick-or-treaters:

If you're sick, stay home.

•Adhere to social-distancing guidelines by standing six feet apart leaving distance between them and people walking the other direction. 

•Have kids wear a face mask. (Many costumes could easily incorporate one.)

•Have a parent accompany children, regardless of age, to hold them accountable with mask wearing and social distancing.

•Carry a flashlight and be sure children have reflective clothing.

•Avoid congregating around doorsteps and porches.

•Use hand sanitizer after receiving candy from each house.

•Do not eat candy while trick-or-treating — parents should make certain hands are clean before kids start touching their faces and eating candy.

•Make certain kids wash their hands as soon as they get home.

•Have kids remove their costumes and shower.


Guidelines for homeowners:

Do not hand out candy if you are sick.

•Turn on porch lights if you are handing out candy.

•Wear mask covering BOTH your nose and mouth.

•Mark 6 foot lines on the sidewalk in front of your home and leading to your driveway/front door to help visitors know how far apart they should stand. 

•Instead of giving candy from the front door, set up shop in driveway or garage.  Driveways are usually wider than sidewalks, allowing for more social distancing.

•Place a distribution table or some other barrier/candy slides between yourself and visitors to ensure they remain 6 feet away.

•Distribute candy on a disinfected table or use some other method to eliminate direct contact with trick-or-treaters. 

•Wash or sanitize your hands often throughout the night.


From 1700-2000, all visitors will need DoD ID cards to enter. The guards will not process any visitors seeking to come onto post to trick or treat (non-trick or treating visitors will be processed to come onto post as normal).

Police will set up a roadblock at the entrance to The Meadows, where the police will check for ID cards during the trick or treat hours and will not allow non-ID cardholders to enter The Meadows until trick or treating is over.