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  • All fees will be paid in advance.
  • All sale are final, no refunds will be issued and no prorating of fees. 
  • RV will be parked in an assigned space.
  • RV will have current base registration (if required), state registration and license tags.
  • Customers will safeguard their gate lock combination at all times.
  • RV will be operational at all times.
  • Parking space will be well maintained at all times.
  • All watercraft must be secured on a trailer.
  • Vehicle will be properly secured during severe weather to prevent movement and/or becoming airborne. If items can’t be secured, they will have to be relocated.
  • Minor maintenance such as replacing light bulbs, tire changes, polishing or cleaning RVs is permitted.
  • Extensive maintenance will not be performed on RVs parked in the lot. For example, overhauling a motor, repair or replacing an axle, oil and/or coolant changes.
  • No part of an RV will extend into another customer's space.

Waiting List:  If you inquire about the RV lot and a space is not available, we can put you on the waiting list for the next available slot.  

  • Interested in renting a space? Contact the Skill Development Center at +1(717) 245-3319