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Hourly Care

Hourly care is not available at this time.

General Information

• Patrons are responsible for payments after services are rendered.

• Payments are based on start/end of reservation.

• Maximum amount of hourly care is 15 hours per week/per child.​​​​​

• Fee is $5/hour.

• At Moore Child Development Center hourly care is based on space available for infants through toddlers.

• At McConnell Youth Center hourly care is available for ages three to five from 1230 to 1530.

• Snack is provided and USDA approved.

• Medications are not administered at any time.


What to Bring

• Complete set of extra clothing labeled with child’s name.

• All children in attendance must wear closed toe and closed heeled shoes.

• Disposable diapers (diapers are checked every hour. Bring at least 1 for each hour in attendance.

• All bottles must be labeled with child’s name, date, amount and contents.



• The only medication that can be administered in hourly care is rescue meds.

• All rescue medications must be prescribed and come in their original containers labeled with the child's and physician's name and date of prescription. If rescue meds are not provided, care will be denied.

All children with rescue meds must have MIAT information or MAPS accompany them.

• Basic Care items (i.e. diaper creams, lip balm) are administered in hourly care, with a corresponding Basic Care Item.

Cancellations, No Show, Late Policies

• Reservations must be cancelled by 8 a.m. the morning of or, the household will be charged the entirety of the reservation.

• Late pick up fees will be applied at $1 per minute after reservation ends.